WOW: Total Europe trip from~ 900 AUD!! Australia – Europe – Jakarta / Bangkok / Kuala Lumpur / Singapore from 735 AUD.

New deal found by Travel4free. Fly from Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane) to Europe and back to Asia (Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur). The best prices include flying to Italy (Venice or Milan) and then back from the same or different European destination like: Moscow, Warsaw, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Rome. This is up to you to try your choice on expedia or directflights. These deals are for flying between October – November 2015. The best price we have found are for flying from Perth to Venice with return to Kuala Lumpur (735AUD). Connection between Asia and Australia start from 150 AUD which means your total European trip would cost about ~900 AUD. If you are planning on flying to different destinations, check them on the websites as there are plenty of options to visit Australia, Europe and Asia for ~1000 AUD.

Just few example of prices:

Perth – Venice – Kuala Lumpur from 735 AUD

Perth – Venice; Madrid – Kuala Lumpur from 775 AUD

Perth – Venice; Brussels – Jakarta from 870 AUD

Perth – Milan – Jakarta from 865 AUD

Perth – Moscow; Milan – Jakarta from 850 AUD

Perth – Barcelona; Venice- Jakarta from 865 AUD

Brisbane – Venice – Kuala Lumpur from 745 AUD

Brisbane – Venice; Moscow- Kuala Lumpur from 845 AUD

Brisbane – Venice; Madrid – Kuala Lumpur from 780 AUD

Brisbane – Venice; Madrid – Jakarta from 790 AUD

Melbourne – Venice; Madrid – Jakarta from 785 AUD

Melbourne – Venice; Barcelona – Singapore from 845 AUD

Melbourne – Venice; Rome – Jakarta from 860 AUD

Melbourne – Milan; Warsaw – Singapore from 855 AUD

and, many more..

Example of bookings:

Screenshot (72)


Screenshot (76)



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