Kuala Lumpur – Europe – USA (New York/Washington) – Jakarta from ~ 1200 AUD

Are you planning to go to Europe? If yes, there is other special. This time fly from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam and return from New York or Washington to Jakarta. This trip you will do with Qatar Airways from 825 AUD. For Qatar flights booking go to Helloworld or flightnetwork websites. From Europe to USA you can fly from 250 AUD one way (for example with Norwegian from Berlin). From Amsterdam to Berlin go by plan, bus or train. This is up to you. Or rather go to UK or France. There are plenty options.  If you book ahead the prices for travel a very low from as litle as 2 Euros by bus. Flights between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta start from 30 AUD. This offer is available for flying October – November 2015 and February 2016.
Total trip cost: Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, New York/Washington, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur– ~1200AUD!!!
Please note that we didn’t include the prices for travel in Europe as it is variable.

Example of bookings:

Screenshot (241) Screenshot (242)



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