Update: Last minute deals from Australia to Europe for flying with Qatar, Etihad and Southern China Airline. Fares start from 1040 AUD return

We have informed you about Early Bird deals to Europe from many airlines. Today we would like to add Last Minute deals for flying up to the end of November. The best deals you can find for flying with Qatar Airways, Etihad and Southern China Airline. The airfares start from about 1040 AUD return and there are plenty airfares from 1100 up to 1300 AUD. Check your destination on momondo , skyscanner and fly to many European destinations like Paris (from 1090 AUD), Rome (1050 AUD), Madrid (1070 AUD), Istanbul (1025 AUD), Amsterdam (1060 AUD), Dublin (1040 AUD) and many more on hot fares.

Example of booking:

Screenshot (299)


Screenshot (324)


Screenshot (325)


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