South America on sale from Australia and New Zealand from 1090 AUD return with LAN airline.

Did you think about travel to South America. Now is the time. Fly from Australia to South America on discounted prices. The prices start from 1085 AUD return for flying to Buenos Aries. Other interesting prices:

  • Cordoba from 1115 AUD return,
  • Mendoza from  1150 AUD return,
  • Santiago de Chile from 1085 AUD return,
  • Sao Paulo 1265 AUD return
  • Rio de Janeiro  from 1280 AUD
  • Lima from 1210 AUD retern,

These prices can be found for traveling between 01 April and 31 October 2016. For booking go to Skyscanner or if you prefer go to LAN websites Australia  or New Zealand (more expensive option).

Book by February 21sth (from Australia) or February 29th (from New Zealand).

 Example of bookings:

Screenshot (192)


Screenshot (193)


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