Italy on sale from Australia. Fly from Melbourne or Sydney to Milan from 878 AUD return

Italy on sale from Australia. Fly from: Melbourne or Sydney to Milan from 878 AUD.  This special is for flying between August – September. If stopover is longer than 8 hrs Air India provides a free hotel stay. For full details on the free hotel stay, check out this page on Air India

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Melbourne to Milan Flights $878 Return.

Depart Return
07/Aug 22/Aug $878 View Flight
07/Aug 19/Aug $878 View Flight
07/Aug 24/Aug $878 View Flight
31/Jul 19/Aug $878 View Flight
07/Aug 26/Aug $878 View Flight
31/Jul 22/Aug $878 View Flight
07/Aug 29/Aug $878 View Flight
07/Aug 31/Aug $878 View Flight
07/Aug 02/Sep $878 View Flight
07/Aug 05/Sep $878 View Flight

Sydney to Milan Flights $891 Return.

Depart Return
02/Aug 21/Aug $891 View Flight
30/Jul 21/Aug $891 View Flight
21/Jul 21/Aug $891 View Flight
02/Aug 04/Sep $891 View Flight
30/Jul 04/Sep $891 View Flight
26/Jul 21/Aug $958 View Flight
26/Jul 04/Sep $958 View Flight
12/Jul 04/Sep $982 View Flight
02/Aug 22/Aug $994 View Flight
02/Aug 24/Aug $994 View Flight

Flights to Milan – All Other Departure Cities.

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