How to look for CHEAP FLIGHTS

1. Flexibility with schedule.

The most important component of getting cheap tickets is to be flexible. Unfortunately if you have a strict schedule to adhere to, you may have to pay premium price for your flight.

2. Book ahead

Undoubtedly there will be a fair advantage in price if you book 3 months in advance, compared to booking 1 week ahead.

3. Check various websites regularly for special deals

There are a fair few travel websites using different web engines providing cheap or special flight prices. Compare prices between websites, and use websites that compare prices of travel website(e.g.,,

4. Be willing to alter your travel routes or plans

Avoid restricting your travel method to just air travel; especially when traveling to places in Europe, alternate travel modes such as trains and buses can be equally efficient. For example, if your destination is Vienna but the current special deal is to Bratislava, which is just 60kms from Vienna, the additional cost of taking a train or bus might just be worth it. Similarly, if you need to travel to a less popular city like Kolonia or Bonn, you can travel by train for 20 – 30 Euros via a major city like Frankfurt if a certain airlines if offering a special deal.


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