Business Class: Kuala Lumpur to Dubai from 3550 MYR / ~780 USD return on Thai Airline

Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai from 3550 MYR / ~780 USD return on Thai Airline in Business Class. These or similar fares can be found until next year

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Kuala Lumpur to Dubai:

  • Dep. 3/May Ret. 17/May 3550 MYR / ~780 USD   View Flight
  • Dep. 7/Jun Ret. 20/Jun 3550 MYR / ~780 USD   View Flight
  • Dep. 12/Jul Ret. 27/Jul 3550 MYR / ~780 USD   View Flight
  • Dep. 9/Aug Ret. 16/Aug 3550 MYR / ~780 USD   View Flight
  • Dep. 13/Sep Ret. 20/Aug 3550 MYR / ~780 USD   View Flight
  • Dep. 10/Oct Ret. 17/Oct 3550 MYR / ~780 USD   View Flight
  • Dep. 5/Dec Ret. 12/Dec 3550 MYR / ~780 USD   View Flight


Note: If you are not happy with fare please change currency from MYR to USD or AUD (Australian Dollar) as the fare might be cheaper.


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