One trip – Europe and Brasil or Chile for 2000AUD!!!

Check out this amazing trip travel4free has found for you to Europe and South America in one trip for just AUD200p. Fly in 2015 from Australia with Etihad to Barcelona, and have the option of spending some time there or travel and explore around Spain and Europe? From there, take OneWorld member arliner Iberia and fly to Sao Paulo (Brazil) or to Lima (Chile). Return to Europe to Brussels and unwind there for a few days before finally returning to Australia with Etihad. Your trip to Europe will cost 1500-1600AUD and your trip to South America from Europe will cost 400-500AUD. This means that you get the whole trip for about 2000AUD. For booking go to Smartfares website and Helloworld to check better price.


Example of booking:

Australia – Europe:


Screenshot 2014-08-26 10.22.54 Screenshot 2014-08-26 10.24.30 Screenshot 2014-08-26 10.33.52


Europe – South America:

Screenshot 2014-08-26 10.13.50 Screenshot 2014-08-26 10.43.30




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