Web engines that scan travel agencies and compare flight prices:

We provide links within Australia /USA; however you can change the website address by simply adding the country’s domain to the address (e.g. adding .sg to get to Singapore’s side of the website)


For Car hire click here – compere the different car rentals company and choose best for you.

iwantthatflight – (this is search we are using on our website)

This website compares travel agents websites. You can choose any airlines you want, or remove any airline you don’t want to fly with. This web engin allows you to search for specific required dates or look for price chart. On this website you can choose the card you willing to use.

Momondo compares travel agents websites allowing you to filter your flight choices by duration (shortest or longest), or by price (cheapest or most expensive) options for your flight. You can choose any airlines you want or remove any airline or airlines alliances.

Skyscanner compares travel agents websites. You can choose any airlines you want, or you don’t want to fly with. This web-engin allows you to search for required dates or month/year

Google flights is a travel web-engin which allows you to compere travel agency offers. This engine allows you to compare prices to any destination with the option of multiple destinations.

Kayak compares travel agent websites. This web-engin allows you to search for specific day and dates with up to +/-3 days included in results so you view prices in a nice simple table.

Matrix compares travel agents websites. This web-engine allows you to search for required day and dates up to +/-2 days. This engine allows you to search by specific day or month, with minimum – maximum days you would like to stay in your travel destination. If you are having a problem how to use this search engine click here for more tips.

The main benefit of Skiplagged is that it looks for all possible flights and connections including including stopover and plane changing destinations. For example a ticket from Perth to Melbourne may cost 300AUD however airline may have specials for flights from Perth to Canberra with a stopover in Melbourne for 200 AUD only. However, because you may skip the final leg of the travel, it is best if you are traveling without check in luggage. The best results you will find on the engine if you are traveling to / from and around USA. – we are using it for searching the hotels. This search is powered by hotelcombine search engine. 


Hotel search which compares travel agents website. This web-engine allows you to search for specific days or periods.


FastCover travel insurance


Insure and go


Travel Insurance direct Hotel Search

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